Quinton commits himself to laying down the law. Gontse realises what she could have lost, and how much gratitude she owes. Mlungisi realises he is in a relationship that there is no getting out of. Ingrid tells a lie in order to cover her tracks wap dating ua com. Friday 24 November 2017 Episode 2918   Romeo is determined to get the truth, but someone else reveals it before Romeo finds out anything. Update: Ford caught testing new GT500 variants, source claims one of the cars may have run a 10. Mlungisi takes note of a shady conversation. Maletsatsi receives life changing news and makes a very rash decision. Friday 10 November 2017 Episode 2908  A newspaper article is the inspiration for a dastardly plan. It’s also interesting to note that Ford has already claimed that there will be “12 New, High Performance Vehicles announced”.

Boniswa makes it clear that she is not in a forgiving mood wap dating ua com. Ingrid is devastated by a shocking admission. Maletsatsi panics when she realises she has made a monumental error. Mlungisi displays uncharacteristic behaviour, which an unlikely ally tries to explain away. Wednesday 22 November 2017 Episode 2916   Accusations are thrown around, none of which are true, but all of which have consequences. Grace defends a woman who initially upset her. Layla crosses a line which can only increase her confusion. Thursday 16 November 2017 Episode 2912  A lie produces huge relief, but a mother receives a very nasty shock. Ingrid senses that she is not being told the truth by a loved one. 96 @ 126 MPH Share this: ETV Scandal November & December 2017 Soapie Teasers ETV Scandal Soapie Teasers   Episode 2901   Yvonne is the unwitting victim of a plan, and Boniswa is the recipient of a stunning confession.

Monday 11 December 2017 Episode 2929  Boniswa rejects a radical suggestion, and Yvonne presents Siseko with a miracle. Monday 20 November 2017 Episode 2914 A mother’s determination to protect her child causes strain and disagreement in several relationships. Romeo defends his mother against the exploitation of her pain..
. UPDATE: 2018 Shelby GT500 is coming, could crack 740+ HP w/ Direct-Injection Twin-Turbo EcoBoost 5. Grace is embarrassed by a revelation, but not nearly as embarrassed as Neo is. Maletsatsi is surprised by the response to a revelation. Friday 22 December 2017 Episode 2938     A woman who can take no more concedes defeat, and has some distressing news for someone who loves her. ...

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